Artists work hard. They will go to great lengths to realize their vision, to make something beautiful out of broken pieces.

Our Story

Jennifer Purdum and Andrew Au believe in Cincinnati and when they returned to the city in 2006 they knew they wanted to create a studio here. Having lived in Cincinnati from 1996-2001, then moving to Italy, Washington DC, and New Orleans, they returned to the midwest, their home. They started looking at properties in Over the Rhine in 2007. At the time, the prices were dirt cheap and 221 Magnolia was little more than a shell. There was no plumbing, no electrical to speak of, and everything was covered in soot. Over 10 years, they nickled and dimed, and blood and sweated the project into a fully functioning artist studio with a working kitchen and bathroom, a combination press, and a silkscreen press. 

Life is good. Just like water flowing over and shaping rock over great periods of time, you can achieve just about anything if you set your goal and just keeping plugging forward towards it. We hope to invite artists to work and live in the studio, share the experience with us and realize some of their own goals.