Modern Bestiary, 2000
This print series was conceptually based on bestiary books from the middle ages. The primary motivation for doing this series was to personify certain cultural concepts as 'beasts' in this bestiary tradition and keeping with my own personal mythology for making images. In bestiary books, wild, fantastic creatures were displayed, something to be feared, a strange distortion of reality and the imagined. Many of these bestiary books are of fictional zoologies, based upon mythological constructions of known fauna, perhaps a residue of civilization's separation from the natural world and a fear of it.

My 'beasts' became those things which I had begun to fear and felt removed from in our modern culture, perhaps residue of my own distrust. I began to rethink the things we take for granted as to how our civilization and culture function. As our societal bee hive becomes more complex, what new characters are prevalent? Our designated soulmanagers, our armed forces, our bureaucrats, our apostles. These are the things we hail in 'more advanced' societies, the specialization of work and labor that we put our faith in.