Banque D'Epoch Eclipse, 2005
This print series began as a stepping off point from the print series "A History of Thugs". When speaking about that print series I would comment on how many of the figureheads in American History are held in great regard while their records, when dissected, are brutal, cruel, and inhumane. One example that kept coming up was that of Andrew Jackson. Every time I spend a twenty dollar bill, I am confronted with the face of a man who signed the Indian Removal Act and was instrumental in mass deaths of said people. And in strange twist, was a man that was opposed to the National Bank of the U.S.A. The way in which States choose to write and rewrite history, and the ways in which they exalt certain figures in those histories takes on relative significance.

Frustrated with our current political climate (2004-2005) and the habitual and unchallenged abuse of power of the ruling classes over time, I felt that it would be historically significant to document my take on things, a commentary on the now from a future looking back on us. While a parody of the concept of money, these documents are not based on a monetary scale of 1s, 5s, 10s, etc., but are instead a catalog of those things which will perhaps be glossed over or heralded in positive light. In no way are the signing secretaries the opinions of those chosen, but instead a selection on my part of my assumptions of those values they hold to be important.