The Binarians, 2008
The Binarians project began as an extension of a previous series of work titled “Memebiotics”. Treating memetic (cultural gene) study as an invented pseudo-science, cultural ideas are presented as if they are being examined through a microscope, able to see the intangible, giving them form and the ability to interact with one another. Many of the memes chosen to illustrate were broad based sociopolitical views and world-view shaping perspectives.  For the Binarians, I chose to focus on "either/or" truth claims that are being presented in the United States and classified as "culture wars", primarily in the evolution/ intelligent design debates.  In the ideosphere, where ideas compete, these mechanical organisms adapt and evolve, are classifiable like phyla in the animal kingdom according to their conceptual origins, and are presented in the vein of blueprints which show the inner structure of physical objects.